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2020 Allongé Rogue Valley Chardonnay

2020 Allongé Rogue Valley Chardonnay

This capricious Chardonnay opens with bountiful fruit on the nose represented by sun drenched nectarines, yellow peach, lychee, and quince, but the intrigue extends beyond fruit into a minerality that becomes the center line of this unique wine. The palate, typical of this wine, has a generous weight to it and recognizable flavors of quince and lychee again make an appearance, but a warm earth element and minerality follow suit. Such is the finish; delightful fruit gives way to the inescapable and unique minerality that balances the weight and fruit elements wonderfully. This wine will continue to evolve and create more texture through the next 5 years if you have the patience. A truly unique DANCIN wine.  

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Tech Notes
Harvest Date
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Alcohol %
Wine Profile
Variety Details
61% Dijon 76, 39% Espiguette 352
Oak Treatment
100% French Concrete Egg
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